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HUGE Affiliate Opportunity -

"Earn 75% Commission On The Get 2 Ex System and get paid weekly by Clickbank."

It's simple, you promote the Get 2 Ex System on the internet using various promotion methods and you will make 75% on each sale! All you need to have is a clickbank account and you can get started right away.

Here's your opportunity to promote a product in one of the hungriest niches online with some of the easiest sales and a lot of traffic.

Here's an example of what you could be earning

by promoting this product.

1 Sale day = $9599.5 / year

2 Sales / day = $19.199 / year

3 Sales / day = $28.798 / year

10 Sales / day = $95.995 / year

20 Sales / day = $191.990 / year

We have a BONUS program in place for our TOP affiliates, please read the instructions and table below:

BONUS Structure Table

Total Sales Required
Extra Payout Per Sale
50 - 100 sales per month
Extra $2 per sale
100 sales = An Extra $200 BONUS
100+ - 400 sales per month
Extra $3 per sale
400 sales = An Extra $1200 BONUS
750 + sales per month
Extra $6 per sale
750 sales = $4500 BONUS



You may use multiple Clickbank ID's however you must provide solid proof that you own every ID.

Refunded sales and charge backs do not count towards your total sales count.

Bonus payout's will only be paid via PayPal if the amount is below $5,000.00. Exceptions made if the value is greater than $5,000.

All eligible BONUS payments will be granded after 60 days of your request to avoid any refunds or chargebacks.

Eligible BONUS payments are for a one month period - "Clickbank Time". 1 Month = Jan 1st to Jan 31st.

All bonus payout's must be claimed within 7 days of the following month. If this does not happen you will not get your bonus for that month.

In order to promote this product use the following hoplink: or use the Clickbank hoplink generator in the Clickbank's Marketplace.

Replace xxxx with your own clickbank ID.

Feel free to use any of the tools below or you can also use your own graphics/banners or landing pages.

Articles For Re-Print

Feel free to use any of the articles below on your web sites, blogs, article directories, press release sites. It's recommended to re-write them before re-publishing them.

Save My Relationship - Mind Breaking Tips to Save Your Relationship in No Time

Get Your Ex Back - Simple Tricks to Get Your Ex Back No Matter If Your Situation Seems Hopeless

Get Back to Your Ex - If You Still Love Them Then You Need to Take Action

Win My Wife Back! - Make Her Feel The Power of Your Love

How to Get My Ex Girlfriend Back and Make Her Love Me Again

Beating the Break-Up Blues

Tips on Getting Back Together With Your Ex After a Long Time

How to Get Over the Breakup Pain and Finally Get Your Ex Back Guaranteed Following These Proven Tips

Get Your Ex Back Quickly Using These Amazing and Proven Tips

Article Directories, Press Release Sites and Web 2.0 Sites To Submit Your Articles

Feel free to submit your articles to any other article directory you like, you can look up on Google for more article directories.

Affiliate Link Cloakers

You might already know that there's a lot of hijacking and affiliate commissions thefts going on so you'll simply want to cloak your affiliate links. If you have your own domain name please use the small .php code below to cloak your affiliate links.

Simply place the code into a notepad file and rename the file with whatever you like. I'd recommend naming it get2ex.php and place it on a new directory at the root of your website. Rename the directory to something like "recommended" , "recommends" , "go" etc.

Don't forget to replace "xxxx" with your own clickbank ID so you get the commission for each sale. Replace "zzzz" with your desired tracking code so you can track your campaigns.

Your affiliate link will look like this : which is a lot safer and not only but more aesthetical compared to the normal hoplink.

Remember to always test you're links before starting with your campaigns. If you want an easier solution for your links, then use any of the following link cloakers, they're all safe and free to use, you just have to add your affiliate link and a new shortened link will be generated for you to use on your sites.

PPC Keywords

PPC Networks To Use

Google Adwords

Yahoo Search Marketing

Microsoft Adcenter

7 Search






Sample PPC Ads

Below you'll find a few sample ads that work! However, you can always try your own ad varieties. Creating more than one ad group and at least 4 ad varities is also recommended in order to find the most effective ads.

Get My Ex Back
 Guaranteed Ways To Get Your Ex Back Into Your Life.

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Get 2 Ex Scam?
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Get Your Ex Back
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PPC Marketing Tips: Use smaller ad-groups on your campaigns for easier testing and better results. Try to do an extensive keyword research in order to find out more keywords. These PPC keywords are there just to give you an example of what root keywords you should target.

The are a lot more variations to these root keywords that can be a lot more profitable as well. Therefore use a keyword research tool to find more profitable long tail terms to use in your campaigns.

Free Keyword Research Tools

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Wordtracker Keywords Tool Free Version

Seobook Free Keyword Tool

Keyword Discovery Free Version

Landing Pages

We will be adding more landing pages. For now we have tweaked and overly tested the one below for the highest conversion rates.

Landing Page 1

- Preview

- Download

TIPS for your landing pages. Either if you choose to use the existing landing page or if you will create your own it's ALWAYS recommended to presell the product and let us do the selling. Therefore always soft sell the product. It's recommended to give a short and brief review of the product and how it can help your potential customers from your own point of view. If done the right way, preselling the product with a proper landing page can yield much better conversion rates than direct linking to our sales pitch.

Hard selling on your articles or reviews sites is not recommended. Let us do the selling part on our sales page. If you want to promote this product you need to simply give the customer a complete review on what the product has to offer and how it can help him or her, thus increase his or her interest and eventually send them to our page.

Target markets: Most customers in this niche are from United States, Uk, Canada and Australia, however a great number of customers are also from Europe and Asia.

Video Testimonial For Your Landing Pages

and Squeeze Pages

Banners and Graphics

Feel free to e-mail me at: admin(at) if you have any other questions regarding your promotion of The Get 2 Ex System. We do our best do answer all email within 24 hours.

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